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Payment Methods:
Credit card, wire transfer, and cryptocurrencies.

1. The pre-sale of Xave Coin is between you and GOLIVE ENTERTAINMENT HOLDING ESPAÑA, S.L. cif: B67446641
2. The purchase of Xave Coin is final and there will be no refunds or cancellations.
3. The Xave Coin distribution program will be determined by the Issuer.

Rate Notice:
BTC, ETH, USDT: Price of the USD as published by CoinMarketCap (https://coinmarketcap.com) at 8:00 am each day (KST).
1 USDT = 1 USD

Pre-Sale Detail:
– Available Supply: 250 M Tokens
– Exclusive Community Bonus Price: $0.0015 USD
– First stage price in Lauhchpad: 0.0030 USD
– Listing Price: 0.0050 USD
– Token Blocking from 90 to 120 days from the Listing date.
– The tokens delivered will be wXVC and sXVC, depending on the amount invested.

– Purchase, with exclusive discounts, of NFT within the marketplace: https://xave.market.
– Purchase of NFT assets within Xave World Metaverse.
PPV Payment for exclusive shows within Xave World Metaverse.
– Purchase and sale of NFTs of accessories for avatars within Xave World Metaverse.
– Economic exchange.
– Purchase of products and services on the Xave Network.

Token issued on the ERC20 network and deployed on the BSC network.
Other Blockchains will be added soon.

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Xave Products.

Xave World Isologo

The metaverse – “meta” (beyond) and “universe” – is a universe parallel to the physical world that is made up of interconnected virtual worlds and in which humans live an alternative existence and experience.

Xave World immerses the user in an open virtual world in constant expansion and change, where they can explore new places, play, create, and interact in an extraordinary way in different cities that will lead them to unique experiences.

Xave World, launches its first city, “GoMusic City”, which proposes to put users face to face with their favorite artists. The fan is not only discovering a new world full of music, but is also part of what makes it great through their own creations, experiences, and interactions with other fans, or by attending incredible shows, concerts, festival., events and much more.

Explore, create, interact, play, and have fun...

In addition to the internal economic circuit of the Marketplace, Xave Coin may be used outside the Xave Marketplace ecosystem, to acquire plots, properties, accessories and services, within Xave World. An immersive metaverse dedicated to entertainment and music.
Within Xave World, users will receive Rewards, which will be delivered in different commercial actions in XVC token.

Xave World was born from merging our traditional GoMusic OTT, with a metaverse in 3D gaming format.

In addition to this new form of consumption, it also retains its traditional form of apps and web platform for those users who do not wish to participate in the virtual experience, with Xave Coins being a central means for purchasing subscriptions to the service.

Any platform related to the Xave project may freely incorporate this new token as a means of payment, making special mention at this point of our existing network of Partners and associated ticket machines to promote this model, who will provide Xave tokens as a payment option through our integration variants, Checkout and Full SDK.

In this way, they will be able to provide their users with the possibility of acquiring products, such as tickets and unique experiences, using the Xave Coin token. In addition, our partner network will have a pool of tokens available to deliver as a prize and / or reward to its users for studied actions that encourage the use of the token inside and outside the Xave ecosystem. Checkout is a form of redirection-based integration that allows providers to quickly onboard the payment method for simple products. On the other hand, Full SDK is a way of incorporating the means of payment for subscriptions and more complex products through an API that Xave is developing.

The objective is that those providers that have a development team without experience in blockchain can incorporate the means of payment in a short time, assisted by understandable documentation and an easy-to-implement API. Through this strategy, the tokens distributed in the partner markets and in Xave World, added to the activity of the Xave ecosystem and its Marketplace, provide for an active and incessant economic flow that will allow the parties involved to generate incentives and recover the tokens in short periods. of time, making it easy for users to get to know the product and experiment with it, or generate profits by trading within GoMusic City and the Xave NFT and NFA Marketplace.

XAVE Market - Mockup

XAVE is a project aimed at being a DeFi Marketplace of non-fungible assets, incorporating, in addition to the current well-known NFT model, a new type of NFT that we intend to call “Non-Fungible Asset” (NFA). This new class would allow content creators to partition the traditional NFTs in equal parts in order to facilitate the commercialization of ownership percentages and their corresponding associated economic benefits, that is, their earnings from ownership. In this way, the XAVE protocol allows each of those ownership tokens to be able to accumulate profits and keep them associated until the owner withdraws them to his personal wallet. These parts can then be traded alone or with their accumulated profits, also considering its speculative value.

For creators, this entails a new model, where in addition to creating and selling their work under the NFT model, they can associate their earnings or a percentage to the pool of ownership (as is the case 5with songs, which obtain earnings for copyright, among others).

XAVE Market For Creatos

This NFAs system enables owners to generate supply and demand for ownership tokens, where XAVE takes advantage of this movement to allocate a part of the sale value in a distribution flow. That is, part of the proceeds from the sale is used to invest in communication for the digital asset, thus increasing the possibility of income for the ownership tokens, for the artist and for the agencies in charge of distribution and communication (hereinafter, the “publishers”).

For these purposes, the technology team at XAVE aims to create a user-friendly platform, oriented towards its easy understanding to facilitate the adoption of the new NFA token model by both content creators (hereinafter only CC) as well as by the end users (owners) and the agencies in charge of generating distribution actions for these digital assets (the publishers).

We empower creators and collectors in an unprecedented way.

Mockup - Xave Wallet

Xave develops a multi-currency e-wallet with which the user can make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, manage their “points” and manage their NFTs.

With the highest security standards in terms of KYC, as well as movement and custody of digital assets. Giving the user a comfortable, intuitive and easy user experience.

Xave Impact Fund (XIF)

It is an investment fund that will allocate part of its earnings, as an investment, to companies and organizations that generate a measurable positive impact, governed by any of the sustainable development goals (SDG).

5% of the earnings generated by Xave Market, as well as that obtained from the sale of the XVC token, will be allocated to the impact investment fund.

Xave Impact Fund will select companies and organizations under a strict evaluation in order to identify whether or not they apply to access to funds.

Download And Read Whitepaper.


Ver. 1.1.03 (10/2021)


Tokenomics Cake Chart

Public Sale 10% – Private Sale 5% – Strategic partners 5% – Legal 1% – Company 5% – Xave Foundation 2% (*) – Advisors 1% – Laboratory 11% – Marketing 25,5% – XAVE Ecosystem 8% – Rewards 14,5% – Team 12%


  • Implementation of the fungible token on the Ethereum network (ERC20).

  • Whitepaper release.

  • GoMusic Ticket Launch.

  • Launch of the Xave Partners Network

  • Xave Marketplace Alpha version 0.1.x.

  • Xave Metaverse preview version.

  • GoMusic 2.0.x version.

  • Xave Gateway Alpha version 0.1.x: Backend only.

  • Xave Wallet 1.4.x version.

  • Xave World Beta version. First world with three main areas: GoMusic City, Post-Apocalyptic zone, and Xave Arena.

  • Xave Marketplace Beta 0.5.x.

  • Xave Marketplace Whitelabel merge to 0.5.x version set.

  • Xave Proxy Contract Set Beta 0.5.x.

  • Xave Metaverse: First steps of integration with Xave Gateway.

  • Xave NFA Alpha first reviews.

  • Xave Gateway Beta version 0.5.x: Virtual (offchain) XaveCoin Launchpad, KYC addition.

  • Xave Coin ICO Launchpad.

  • Xave World: Creation of a new area linked to NFTsArt District, incorporation of the Xave Art MarketplaceIncorporation of the Music NFT Marketplace to GoMusic City.

  • SoundCulture Island: 100% oriented to electronic music, with the incorporation of a new Arena as a natural satellite of this new worldParceling and commercialization of land as NFTsThe Xave Desert.

  • Xave Metaverse 0.5.x: Integration with Xave Proxy for in-game NFT exchange.

  • Xave Metaverse 0.5.x: Integration with GoMusic to consume video on demand from the CDN.

  • Xave Marketplace Beta 0.7.x: Open Source release.

  • Xave Proxy Contract Set Beta 0.7.x: Upgradeable proxy.

  • Xave Nonfungible Asset token: Integration with Xave Marketplace.

  • Xave Gateway: Xave accounts open to the public for all products.

  • Xave Wallet: NFT display in the wallet.

  • Xave World: Addition of the World Business Capital, with the inclusion of two main zonesConference Arena, Xave University Campus.

  • GoMusic fully integrated with Xave Gateway Account.

  • Xave Metaverse Economic Improvement: Rent and profitability on rentals.

  • Xave Metaverse Economic Improvement: NFT loading as usable 3D assets in-game.

  • Xave Marketplace Beta 0.9.x: Full integration with Xave Gateway and Xave Metaverse.

  • Xave Wallet: New UX functionalitiesXave Gateway account control.

  • GoMusic 2.1.x version: Planned improvements to the CDNIncorporation of GoLive DVTD (Dynamic Video Transcoding and Distribution)New UX functionalities.

  • Xave The Planet: Space dedicated to social problems and impact actions.

  • The Black Hole: Creation of a portal to a new world where the laws of physics and sensory experiences are completely altered.

  • Xave Metaverse Economic Improvement: Automated loading of NFTs as usable 3D assets in-game.

  • Xave Metaverse Economic Improvement: Improvements in the validation process and code security for loading 3D assets.

  • Xave Metaverse Economic Improvement: Transform any asset into Xave Nonfungible Asset.

  • Xave Nonfungible Asset: ERC Proposal.

    Xave Nonfungible Tokens improvement proposal: Data persistency network.

  • Xave Metaverse UX Improvement: In-game piece design.

  • Xave Blockchain: First steps towards global parallel processing as a block validation method.

  • Xave Blockchain: Final proposal and start of development.

  • Xave Blockchain: Release of the Economic and Technical Whitepaper.

  • Xave Blockchain: Open Source opening of first development steps.

  • Xave Blockchain: Private test of first versions with real processes in controlled environment.

  • Publication of mining requirements. First test nodes. Opening the node controller source code.

  • Xave Blockchain: Testing Phase 1 - Genesis Testnet Phase 1. Block explorer. Wallet repository. Examples of use. Optimization of processes. Loading bug reports and logs.

  • Xave Blockchain: Testing Phase 2 - Arbitrary code implementations turing complete in Testnet. Optimization of processes. Code test compatible with Exchange and Proxy Transfer functionality. First steps of using distributed storage between nodes. GUI and code execution. Containment testing and process isolation. Block storage, processing and signing as validation.

  • Xave Blockchain: Testing Phase 3 - Verification of the economy of the protocol. Optimization of processes. Active vulnerability testing. Performance optimization. Mining nodes in four tiers: Validator, Processor + Validator, Storage + Processor, Storage.

  • Xave Blockchain: XAVE token and Mainnet launch. Performance optimization. Launch of the second test network. Launch of the distributed storage network for infrastructures based on Xave Blockchain.

  • Xave Gateway: Full integration with Xave Blockchain Testnets and Mainnet.

Meet Our Executive Team.


Hernán Portugal

CoFounder & Board Member
Diego Balan

Diego Balan

CoFounder & Board Member

Walter Semolič

CoFounder & Board Member

Juan Cufré

CoFounder & Board Member

Leandro Moleon

CoFounder & Board Member

Matias Calzada

CoFounder & Board Member
Marcelo Finkelberg

Marcelo E. Finkelberg

COO Xave World

Meet Our Advisors.

Frédéric Chesnais

Frédéric Chesnais

Advisor & Shareholder
Jack Saracco

Jack Saracco

Chief Tokenomics Officer

Edwin Mata


Hernán Mayol


Héctor Casas


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